I'm Roxana.

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I'm a freelance writer for hire.

I write for conscious people and companies who are doing good in the world.


We're a match if you're:

- Helping people help themselves

- Challenging the status quo and working towards social justice 

- Creating products and services that solve meaningful problems and are environmentally sustainable

I'll write for you about:

Women's health: Self-empowerment, self-help, and well-being

Female empowerment: Women's rights, gender issues, female leadership, and women in business

Ethics in exponential technologies: The implications of AI and machine learning for social justice issues

Saving our earth: Eco-friendly products, conscious living, and sustainability

Saving ourselves: Personal development and self-help, mindfulness, meditation, and mental health*

*Sense of humor/humour** applied to lift the mood, where relevant.

**Yes, I can write in American and British English. #Fancy


Marketing Campaigns & Articles

  • Create meaningful campaigns that are interesting, connect to your readers and get mission-driven results

  • Post useful articles that people actually read and share

  • Befriend your readers with intellect or humour or help

  • Express your brand's personality and unique wisdom

Research Articles & Survey Reporting

  • Turn dry, data-heavy information into captivating copy

  • Make difficult information digestible, meaningful and useful

  • Build a powerful bridge of connection and understanding between complex concepts and busy readers

Thought-Leadership & Ghostwriting

  • I do the work, you take the credit. How's that for an efficient win?

  • Create interest in what you're doing and build an audience who cares

  • Build trust and authority with articles that offer new and interesting expertise from your industry, or even just your brain

I've Worked With

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Eli Bresler,


"It has been a total pleasure having you work with the marketing team and I want to share my gratitude and appreciation for your amazing work!"

Eric Moreson,


“It's clear that you're a very good writer who did their research and went above and beyond to make me, the client, happy. Thanks for that! I've already passed your information onto our other teams with a good recommendation. Thanks so much, Roxana.”

Greg Wright,


"Sharp as a razor. Brings big ideas and unique thinking to the table. Works fast and delivers quality every time."

Erin Stafford,

Girls That Create

"I'll say it again, your first submission was fantastic! Can't wait for the next one."

Need my wordsmith skills?
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Great Writing For Good Causes

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